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Finance Team

The Finance Team reports to the Management Committee on the following topics:

  • Records Congregational Income
  • Makes payments on behalf of the Congregation
  • Manages the Congregation's Bank Accounts, Investments and Insurance
  • Supports the Finance Officers and Treasurers of Congregational Organisations
  • Coordinates the preparation of the Trustee Report and Accounts and their submission to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)

The Team Roles are:

Convener of Finance

  • Overall Coordination
  • Investment Management
  • Management Reporting


  • Payment of Invoices and Expenses
  • Recording Income
  • Organisation Support
  • Bank Account Management
  • Accounting and Reporting

Assistant Treasurer

  • Payroll
  • Insurance

Finance Assistant

  • Book Keeping Support

Downloadable Finance Forms for Cathedral Organisations:

For further details on the Finance Team please contact the Convenor of Finance here or the Treasurer here.