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Christmas Angels for Dunblane Cathedral

Several members of the congregation happened to visit Ripon Cathedral in Yorkshire over the summer, and were amazed, inspired and moved by their lockdown project, “A Wing and a Prayer”. Over 100 volunteers and 300 schoolchildren made over 10,000 white paper origami angels, which were then suspended from the ceiling of the cathedral - just follow the link HERE, and be prepared to be blown away!
Like Ripon, angels can be found everywhere in Dunblane Cathedral, and throughout our community, and so we are planning to have our own “company of angels” over the Christmas period. Therefore, we also need volunteers to create our own angels! Don’t worry - we aren’t planning anything quite as ambitious as in Ripon, but we do hope the display will be as meaningful and impactful as theirs.
Never tried origami? Have no fear - Ripon’s volunteers were aged from 3 to 90! Designed by Danish paper folder Hans Dybkjaer, written instructions can be found on Ripon Cathedral's website, and you can get video instruction (much easier!) on YouTube - click HERE for a demonstration. All we ask is that you only use white paper - copier paper is ideal.
A collection box will be placed in the porch of the Cathedral Manse. They’ll all have to be quarantined before they’re displayed.
We’ll be asking Cathedral Kids, our youth organisations and local schools to help out too, so the project will bring our whole community together at this most difficult of times. Absolutely everyone is welcome to contribute.
So - get your haloes on, and start folding!
Alison Wright and Helen Parker