Post Profile and Person Specification

Dunblane Cathedral is a Church of Scotland congregation in the small cathedral city of Dunblane. The congregation worships within Dunblane Cathedral, one of the finest surviving medieval church buildings in Scotland. As well as being the focal point for Christian worship on Sundays and some weekdays throughout the whole year, the Cathedral and its halls, which are located nearby, provide a hub for a variety of congregational and community events throughout each day of the week and most evenings as part of the congregation’s outreach and ministry of hospitality within Dunblane.  The Cathedral Office is located within the hall complex. Given the nature of the Cathedral building and the outstanding quality of the organ in particular, Dunblane Cathedral is also a popular venue for various concerts and recitals, attracting musicians from across the United Kingdom and beyond.

We are looking for a committed, friendly, people person to join the team at Dunblane Cathedral as it seeks to develop its work, worship and Christian outreach within the community. The purpose of the role is to co-ordinate and develop further the administration of the congregation in close co-operation with the Minister, Associate Minister, office bearers, staff members and the wider congregation and community.

The Cathedral Building itself is managed, on behalf of the State, by Historic Environment Scotland.

The successful candidate will be responsible for good communication with the Ministers, Director of Music, Beadle, halls staff and principal officer bearers within the congregation. The role will include clerical and administrative functions, communicating, as required, in person, by telephone, e-mail and in writing with a range of people, including Historic Environment Scotland staff, local funeral directors, various members of the community and others. It will involve assisting the Ministers and Director of Music in the production of orders of service and other materials for worship, supporting the Roll Keeper in maintaining the congregational roll and supporting the congregational treasurer in operating within agreed procedures to deal with some financial matters. It will involve keeping an up to date diary of all activities taking place within the Cathedral and its halls and being responsible for all bookings of the premises.

This position requires a professional and organised approach to the work, excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to work in an ever-changing environment where multi-tasking, sound decision-making, a strong sense of team-work, self-motivation and discretion are essential. A knowledge of modern office software is required.

This post requires 14 hours per week. The number of hours worked per day can be negotiated. Payment will be £10 per hour.

Role of the Cathedral Administrator

The responsibilities of the Cathedral Administrator are as follows -

1.   Administration

  • Preparing Orders of Service and other materials for worship as required;
  • Assisting the Roll Keeper with the maintenance of the Congregational Roll and the production of the annual congregational statistics;
  • Preparing and issuing information/welcome packs for new members;
  • Routine filing of paperwork;
  • Maintaining and organising notice boards and welcome tables in the Cathedral and Cathedral Halls;
  • Providing Administrative Support for the Minister, Associate Minister, Director of Music and Kirk Session;
  • Sending out accounts to all external users of the Cathedral Halls and following up payment wherever necessary;
  • Sending out information, reminder letters and accounts to couples being married in the Cathedral and following up payment wherever necessary;
  • Returning late deposits to wedding couples as appropriate;
  • Sending a weekly notice of events in the Cathedral or Halls to the Stirling Observer;
  • Receiving and collating material to be forwarded to the editors of the Cathedral Magazine;
  • Ensuring that all requests for the Cathedral Magazine are passed on to the person responsible for distribution;
  • Preparing and copying a monthly diary of events for distribution;
  • Ordering supplies; e.g. office stationery etc.;
  • Producing copies of the “Take a Minute” prayer cards (provided within the Cathedral) as required;
  • Dealing with administration pertaining to the Christian Copyright Licence;
  • Liaising with the Session Clerk and Secretary to the Management Committee over the production and distribution of minutes, agendas and other papers;
  • Liaising with the Ministers over the production and distribution of invitations to special services;
  • Assisting with the production of materials advertising concerts in the Cathedral, study groups, lectures and other outreach events;
  • Assisting in the production of programmes for concerts and recitals in the Cathedral;
  • Providing administrative support for various groups and committees within the Cathedral congregation;
  • Assisting in the smooth running of the halls;
  • Administration of special events as required.

2.   Communication

  • Communicating on a day-to-day basis in person, on the telephone, by e-mail and in writing with a wide range of people, including the Minister, Associate Minister, Director of Music, Beadle, Hall Keepers, Office Bearers, Magazine Editors, Historic Environment Scotland Staff, Elders, Congregation and members of the public;
  • Administration of all bookings within the halls and Cathedral;
  • Liaising with the Beadle and other halls staff over all hall bookings;
  • Liaising with the Ministers, Beadle and Historic Environment Scotland staff over all Cathedral bookings;
  • Liaising with halls staff and Historic Environment Scotland offices to ensure heating is set/booked for all events, as appropriate;
  • Liaising with the company responsible for the maintenance and repair of copying equipment;
  • Liaising with the appropriate personnel over the monitoring of contracts;
  • Liaising with the congregation’s IT Administrator re the office computer, software and the Cathedral’s website, and reporting faults with Wi-fi in the halls;
  • Reporting any faults with the telephone system to the communications provider;
  • Ensuring that all post arriving at the Cathedral Office is passed on to the appropriate recipient;
  • Liaising with the Ministers, Director of Music and Beadle over all weddings, funerals, memorial services and other special services within the Cathedral;
  • Liaising with the Cathedral Arts Guild, the Director of Music and others, as appropriate, over all concerts held within the Cathedral;
  • Liaising with local schools about services and other events being held in the Cathedral;
  • Liaising with the Cathedral Treasurer over any money received via the Cathedral Office.

3.   Other

The post-holder will be an employee of the Kirk Session of Dunblane Cathedral but shall be answerable to the Minister of the Cathedral and/or the Session Clerk on a day-to day basis. He/she shall be expected to undertake any other duties as may reasonably be expected in the overall administration of the congregational life of Dunblane Cathedral.

Dunblane Cathedral, as part of The Church of Scotland, is committed to a policy of equal opportunities and ensuring that candidates are recruited and trained on the basis of ability, the requirements of the job and the need to maintain an efficient and effective service. All information provided will be treated in strict confidence.

If you are interested in applying for this job, please click here to apply and send your CV. Closing date for your application is Friday 14 June.

If you would prefer to post your application, please send it to:

Rev Colin Renwick,
Cathedral Manse,
The Cross,
FK15 0AQ

If you have any queries about any aspect of the role, please click here.