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LIVE Music at Midday with Kevin Duggan (Organist)

Saturday, 31 July 2021 12:00 - 12:45
Dunblane Cathedral
Kevin Duggan
Voluntary donations to Strathcarron Hospice

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Dunblane Cathedral ́s Director of Music Kevin Duggan will perform a French programme on August 21st, commencing with an unmeasured Prelude by D`Anglebert and a lively Offertoire by Couperin. Two works by Messiaen follow - Verset pour la fete de la Dedicatice, with colourful use of plainsong and birdsong, and a vast cortége representing the church throughout eternity - Apparation de l’église eternelle. The concert will conclude with two contrasted movements from Vierne ́s Symphonie 1.

Kevin was born in Somerset and educated in Wells, Bath and London. He lived for many years in Scandinavia, and has performed in most European countries as well as Australasia and the USA. In addition to his work in Dunblane, Kevin is active as a composer and adjucator, as Musical Director of Rosenethe Singers and pianist of the Strivelyn Ensemble. His recent CD recording of Danish music Hymne @l Ærø will be on sale after this concert.