Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid Week
Published on Sat, 9 May 2020 11:20
Cathedral Kids


Christian Aid week in Dunblane is usually a joyful occasion as people from all the churches join together to provide food and serve coffee and lunches in the Cathedral hall. Many adults also do door to door collections to raise money for the work of Christian Aid.

This year has to be different, as the coronavirus outbreak threatens the health of our neighbours near and far. Now it is spreading across the world’s poorest countries, putting people living in poverty at great risk. Christian Aid is providing essential soap, water and handwashing training to keep people safe.

The map above shows where Christian Aid are working right now to help communities across the world deal with the coronavirus. Follow the link below to learn more

How Christian Aid are helping around the world.

 Below is a link to a children's worksheet where you can learn about some of the other work Christian Aid does. 

 Christian AId Week Children's Worksheet



In this weeks Roots resources Jesus is explaining to his disciples how he will remain with them. Before clicking on the link below have a look at the Talk2kids, which you can also find in this part of the website ,where Dorothy will be talking about the story.

One of the crafts this week uses a heart template. We know that some of you like to do art and it would be lovely if you could decorate a heart and send a picture using the link here



Ruth’s music spot

This is Christian Aid Week when usually the Cathedral Hall would be buzzing: bric-a-brac arriving by the bagful, boxes of books carried from laden car boots, lovingly tended seedlings set out on tables and trolleys, while at the other end of the hall, garden produce turned into jams sits by enticing cakes; from the kitchen there’d be the satisfying aroma of coffee and mingled with all this the excitement, bustle and happy laughter of helpers meeting annually and friends catching up over a scone. Sadly, all this is missing this year and Christian Aid will certainly feel the difference without all the money raised for its good work. The theme this year is climate justice, working with communities least able to help themselves with a crisis more our fault than theirs.

Think of a world without any flowers is a song that makes us think about what the world would be like without all the things in nature that we treasure, including our neighbours, friends and family, and, in thanking God for them, implying we must make sure we don’t lose them. From a rather sad minor key start, each verse ends, like the words, in an optimistic major key mood.

Here are three different versions to listen to and sing along with:

with words

simply sung


Old hymn

Love divine all loves excelling “Love unites us all” it says on the Christian Aid website, and this hymn, written by that great hymn writer Charles Wesley in the 18th century is all about God’s love working in us and through us. With its theme of love, it’s often sung at weddings:

Royal wedding 2011

The tune sung here is called “Blaenwern” by a Welsh composer William Penfro Rowlands and is one of three commonly chosen for Wesley’s words. The other favourite is “Hyfrydol” by another Welsh composer Rowland Hugh Pritchard, while “Love Divine” by the English composer  John Stainer  is perhaps less often heard.

“Love Divine”: King’s College Cambridge

“Hyfrydol “: with words and scenery

Choir - Birmingham

“Blaenwern”: Choir – Ghana

Congregation - Belfast