May Project

May Project
Published on Fri, 1 May 2020 17:07
Cathedral Kids



 Normally during May the children would be doing a project where we would work on the same theme for the whole month. This year we had planned to learn a bit more about the charities we have been supporting , Shelter and Save the Children, as well as Christian Aid. 

Over the next few week we will  continue to send out links to our normal teaching resources (Roots) which follow the lectionary and explore the same theme as the Sunday morning worship ( available via  the Keeping Together page on the website). In addition we will be sending links to the learning resources produced by the charities. All have varied and interesting activities suitable for children of all ages. 


In this week's reading Jesus speaks of a shepherd whose sheep know his voice and follow him away from danger. The Pharisees do not understand that Jesus is referring to himself. He also says that he is the gate of the sheepfold, and whoever enters by him will be saved.

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 Last year, over 46% of Shelter's clients were aged 16-34. Young people are overrepresented in the homeless system, and Shelter believe it is essential that Scotland’s young people are well informed on these issues.

I hope that you find the links below useful. 

A powerpoint to help in discussion around what a home is. 

What is a home powerpoint

 Higher or lower game about figures surrounding homelessness   



1.Home matching activity

 Which home?

2. Design a home for Jack

Jack is 6 years old. Jack lives with his Mum, and two little brothers. Jack would like a garden for him and his brothers to play in with their pet. Jack’s little brothers are sometimes sick, so he would like to live near to the Doctors. He would like a warm and safe home, where he and his family can walk to school.

Draw the ideal place for Jack to live including and a map of the neighbourhood.

 3. Needs and wants

What is the difference between what we need in our home and what we want?

Ask the children for some examples of needs and wants for their home. 

e.g. Needs- heat, water, bed, enough food

      Wants- computer, books, phone, games

Needs and wants worksheet

If you want to get in touch please use the link here

Further information for the above activities plus more resources are available for both primary and secondary children by following the link below.


Ruth’s music spot

When I needed a neighbour

This hymn cuts right to the heart of the matter. In direct language it asks us to search our consciences: have we helped someone in need, whoever they are? It fits all our charities; it is a question for our daily lives. Written, both words and music, in 1965 by Sydney Carter, it is easy to sing, to concentrate on the message and yet be aware of the musical questioning too: the troubled minor key at the start, the hopeful move to the happier major key for the beginning of the chorus, returning to an anxious minor ending. Sydney Carter (1915-2004) was a poet and songwriter who worked and sang with the great folk singers, particularly in the 1960s and 70s, a time of hard-hitting protest songs. He wrote several of the hymns we enjoy singing, all with a clear message in simple language and all with interesting tunes that are nevertheless easy to sing: One more step along the world I go, Lord of the Dance (adapting a Shaker folk tune) and Every Star Shall Sing a Carol.

There are lots of different interpretations of When I needed a neighbour for you to listen to. Depending on your taste, you may prefer just to sing it yourself!

Church congregation with orchestra:

Choir with solo oboe:

Folk-like, with guitar:

Film-like with words: