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Please Help by Giving

Please Help by Giving

# Stewardship
Published on Friday, 24 April 2020 16:13

Supporting the Church at this Difficult Time

Perhaps more than ever, the Church is needed in our communities now, demonstrating God’s love for all. Although the Cathedral building and halls are closed, the work of the Church here in Dunblane and across the country continues. 

However, this is only sustainable through the continuing generosity of church members and supporters. Regular income has fallen significantly during the period when services are not being held in the Cathedral and the halls are out of use.If you are able to help by making a donation now, please hit the “Donate” button below. Should you wish to set up a standing order, please contact the Stewardship Convener by clicking  HERE,  for details of how to go about it. This may be particularly relevant if you normally give only when you attend a service. All donations will be gratefully received.

Please also be assured that steps have been taken nationally and here at local level to restrict costs where possible while continuing the essential work of the Church.

Please assist with the running of Dunblane Cathedral by clicking on this Donate button below.

Please donate to assist Dunblane Cathedral in its work.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.