Peace be with you

Peace be with you
Published on Thu, 16 Apr 2020 10:45
Cathedral Kids

This weeks theme is "Peace be with you" and this can be explored through  Bible readings and activities by clicking on the link below.

MIndfulness Exercises

Being mindful makes us aware of all that is in us and around us. The Bible shows us that Jesus had great awareness and often saw what others did not. From his awareness came his compassion, kindness and concern for others.

Follow the link below to try some minfulness exercises. 

Mindfulness exercises

This sheet will help you when you go on your safari !

Wild flower safari

Ruth’s music spot

Here are three hymns we sing in the Cathedral. I hope they remind you of the times we’ve sung together.

Spirit of God unseen as the wind – You’ll know the tune even if the words aren’t familiar.            

Margaret Old, a Sunday School teacher and on the staff of the Scripture Union, wrote these gentle words to that well-known tune of the Skye Boat Song. This link will take you to both words and tune:

And here you can sing along with some young people filmed 30 years ago in Salisbury Cathedral:

Shalom my friend – A haunting tune with a peaceful, and appropriate, message. The singers here put in a twiddly bit we don’t sing, but you’ll recognise it. They also manage to sing it as a round …

You shall go out with joy – One of our favourites, especially with the clapping!

This slowish version will remind you how it goes and it has the words: 

But if you want to speed up and clap, this is the one for you! Can you keep up?